Home & Ocean is about the future.

It's interesting, for such a long time I have not been a 'greeny' or a staunch advocate of sustainability. However, what's changed in me is when I look to the future. I see my kids (Chanel 8, Harper 6 and Kobi 2) and I see the photographs I take and I wonder. What will this world look like for them when they have kids? This is why.

My name is Ben Mackay and along with my wife Krystal, we started Home & Ocean. Regardless of whether you live by the ocean or not, we all know the feeling of being home. Being safe and secure.

For me, being a photographer of the ocean for a few years now, I feel passionate about it. I want my kids to feel the same peace I feel when I'm near it. They are only young now, but I already see the benefits of them being matched to the ocean.

I've also become somewhat immune to the message of negativity of single-use plastic. I think about myself and how I would think about it in the past. Sure I'd know it's a problem, but I also couldn't care less about doing anything. Don't get me wrong, I'm ok with the message of how it's affecting us and how that's currently being communicated. It needs to continue.

However, I want my approach to be different. Just as I am motivated by people enjoying my photography, I want to motivate others by offering beautiful alternatives to single-use plastic. By finding ways of creating desirable products that actually make a difference. By changing the tune and making sustainability attractive, not by guilting or shaming people into change.

See the future. Sea, the future.

Ben & Krystal xx